International Team Recruitment


The Institut Imagine is the ideal place to develop projects involving Doctors and Researchers. No other place would have allowed me to progress so quickly in my research and especially in its application for the benefit of patients.

Annarita Miccio, Head of the « Chromatin and Gene Regulation During Development » Research Team

The Project

The Institut Imagine wishes to continue and even accelerate the recruitment of new international teams in rapidly emerging fields, such as the genetics of neurodevelopment disorders, epigenetics, and population genetics.

In order to maintain its level of excellence and to continue its international expansion, the Institut Imagine aims to recruit 4 international research team leaders by 2028. The arrival of these new teams is a means of guaranteeing a diversity of knowledge, expertise, and approaches that contribute to accelerating overall advances in research at the Institute.

After an international call for tenders, the teams will be selected by the Institut Imagine’s international Scientific Advisory Board, composed of 9 foreign experts and chaired by Professor Liz Blackburn, 2009 Medicine Nobel Prize Awardee.

A recruitment program may take the name of the Patron or the name  that the Patron will choose. The Patron will be invited to participate as an observer and for advice (if desired) in the selection interviews, and to meet regularly with the people recruited.

Context & Objectives

Since its creation, the Institut Imagine has recruited 8 new teams, 7 of which are headed by foreign or French Researchers returning from abroad. Moreover, the Institut Imagine has 25% of international Researchers in its teams, from more than 35 different countries.

This dynamism and resourcing have already, and must continue to help obtain numerous types of funding, set up international collaborative projects and, more broadly, push the limits of knowledge for the benefit of patients and their families.


Amount to fund
3,000 K€
Overall funding over 5 years

/ For the recruitment of laboratory Directors, Researchers, and Students

/ For laboratory equipment