Our Donors

Join the Institut Imagine Capital Campaign and give hope to children and families affected by genetic diseases.
When we talk about major advances in genetics, we think above all about each family and each child affected by genetic diseases, for whom hope will spring again.
But because the challenges of our research go beyond genetic diseases, we also think about all those whose lives will be transformed by our future discoveries. These exist thanks to doctors and researchers, because it is their work, excellence, and perseverance that lead to results.
It is also because there are thousands of women and men who make their achievements possible: You, our Donors.
At Institut Imagine, we know that all together we have a true impact. All together, we will cure genetic diseases. All together, we will enable major advances that will benefit as many people as possible. Everyone has a role to play and yours is key because you are at the genesis of everything. Your gifts are the very foundation of any achievement. That is why it is more important than ever to honor you with our recognition program dedicated to Donors (available on request). A way for us to share our successes with you.

Our major donors

Imagine Institute 2021 - 2026 Major Sponsors Campaign


Christian Dior Couture Fondation Bettencourt Schueller MSD Avenir Anonymous

Major Benefactors

Christie's Galerie Kreo Kamel Mennour Hélène de Prittwitz Michel and Fati Rosenberg


Azzedine Alaïa Colam Initiatives Fondation d'entreprise EDF Fonds Axa pour la Recherche Havas Patrick Thomas

Major Donors

Gonzague de Blignières Laurent Dassault Gad Elmaleh Elsevier BV Fondation Colville Jacques and Dominique Garaialde Groupe Galeries Lafayette Sylvain et Michèle Héfès Bernard Herbo Philippe and Christiane Houzé JC Decaux Sébastien and Armelle de Lafond Marcadé Jacques-Antoine Philippe and Marie Schweitzer François de Ricqlès Anonymous

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Association KCNB1 France Auxilium Robert Bensoussan Patrice Brion Cyril Brulé Alix and Edmond Cohen Cordier family Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France Mécénat Entrepreneurs Amis d'Imagine Fondation Sycomore Fonds Derver within Fonds de Dotation Transatlantique Groupe Etam Groupe Henner Groupe Lagardère Bertrand and Marine Hainguerlot Michel Jalon Amin Khiari La Boite Immo Philippe Louis-Dreyfus LVMH Carine and Philippe Mareuil Valérie Messika Milk for Good MK2 Moët Hennessy Mr and Mrs Jérôme Pécresse Jacques Petit Philippe Rousselet Mr and Mrs Sallé Tollens Bernard Valero Josette and Jean-Claude Weill Anonymous