Members of the capital campaign committee

To achieve the goal of Institut Imagine, we assembled a committee of 12 people, all convinced by the cause of Imagine and the success of its model. With their help and with the support of all Imagine Donors, with you, we will meet the challenge of collecting a minimum of 40 million euros in 5 years. This achievement will fund the strategy and research projects that will allow to reach this ambition.


Anne and Henri de Castries
Anne and Henri de Castries
Campaign Committee Chairs
Patrick Aebischer
Gonzague de Blignières
Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette
Dominique Gaillard
Michèle and Sylvain Hefès
Sébastien de Lafond
Marie-Hélène and Jean-Bernard Lafonta
Frank Piedelièvre
Marie Schweitzer and Jacques-Antoine Philippe