Searching for each Child, Finding for All

Giving to Institut Imagine means being part of a pioneering and unique initiative that contributes to the scientific conquest of changing millions of lives. Supporting the best science today will invent the best medicine to come.


The goal of Institut Imagine : to leave no child undiagnosed without support, by doubling the number of diagnoses (from 40% to 80%) and the number of children with access to treatment (from 15% of children diagnosed today to 30% by 2026).

To achieve these goals, a minimum of €40 million is needed.
Our Capital Campaign will fund projects in 3 main areas:
• Area 1: Make DNA speak
• Area 2: Designing and building tomorrow’s therapies
• Area 3: Share knowledge and train future generations of genetic Researchers

Institut Imagine: when the causes are extraordinary, we must have extraordinary goals.

Anne and Henri de Castries
Campaign Committee Chairmen

Imagine at a glance
The Institut Imagine is the leading European Center for research, treatment and education on genetic diseases. Its mission is to understand and cure them. The Institute brings together 1,000 of the best doctors, researchers, and healthcare personnel in an architecture that creates synergies around a common ambition : to change the lives of families affected by genetic diseases.
people are affected in France
of patients are undiagnosed
of diagnosed diseases have a treatment