Thanks to the Innogrant program, we will soon be able to provide physicians with the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence for a surgery of the future, guided by a three-dimensional anatomical vision of childhood pathologies. The accelerator will enable us to respond to business and regulatory questions on the project so that we can create a start-up within 2 years! ”

Alessandro Delmonte, research engineer

The Project

Innogrant is an internally funded program at the Institut Imagine created in the spirit of technology transfer. It enables the emergence and support of projects for therapeutic or diagnostic innovations, for the benefit of patients with genetic diseases. 

Before being transformed into potential innovations, research results must be validated and be subject to a “proof of concept”, for example on a relevant experimental model. To guide high-potential projects toward the first necessary development stages, the Institut Imagine has created the “Innogrant” program.

Ultimately, the projects carried out by this program (within the Institut Imagine) may result in R&D partnerships, and/or licenses involving established industrial players or even start-ups created for this purpose. If needed, they may benefit from the resources and expertise offered as part of the other innovation supporting schemes at the Institut Imagine, in particular the Springboard accelerator and the Imagine Bioentrepreneurs program.

Each project supported by the Innogrant program has a maximum duration of 12 months. A supported project, or even the entire Innogrant program, may take the name of the Patron, who will be invited to work progress updates.



Context & Objectives

The Institut Imagine has set itself four missions: Research, Treatment, Teaching and, of course, Innovation. With more than 1,000 experts in research and treatment, a portfolio of 385 solutions in development, 96 of which are directly derived from experimental research conducted internally, the Institut Imagine  is a unique biomedical innovation generator in the field of genetic diseases.

As a proof, the Innogrant program has already funded 6 projects, one of which has led to the creation of a start-up in the field of digital health and two are supported as part of the Imagine’s Springboard accelerator in biotechnologies and medical technologies.

Over the period 2021-2025, the Institut Imagine plans to support up to 15 new projects thanks to Innogrant funding, i.e. 2 to 3 new projects per year.

Amount to fund
1,875 K€
Overall funding over 5 years

/ For the support of up to 30 projects
New projects between 2021 and 2025 (2 to 3 per year)

Funding per project (overall budget) from 40 K€ to 125 K€