Imagine Bioentrepreneurs


Research alone is not enough to allow therapeutic solutions to emerge.  […] This unique training program allowed me to acquire a dual scientific/business skill, essential to transform medical innovations stemming from research laboratories in innovative therapies for patients.

Julien Ettersperger, PhD Head of the Biotherapy division at Medicen

The Project

The Imagine Bioentrepreneurs program, created in 2016 in partnership with Université of Paris, HEC Paris and Ecole polytechnique, is a training program aimed at accelerating health-tech start-up projects.

This program is offered to students from different backgrounds: Scientists, Doctors, Pharmacists, Engineers, or Managers. It is also open to independent auditors, Researchers, and young Researchers attracted by entrepreneurship and innovation in the health field.

It is organized as a “boot camp” lasting from 9 to 12 weeks, during which students put into multidisciplinary teams (Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Scientists) work full time on their projects and benefit from personalized coaching and interventions from specialists. These include entrepreneurs in the fields of health-tech, med-tech, and e-health and partners in the bioentrepreneurship ecosystem.

The idea is to put the Institut Imagine’s network at the service of future bioentrepreneurs, to help them in the early stages of the creation of their start-up. 

The Patron will be invited to participate in students selection, the review of start-up applications, and to an annual meeting with the teams selected. From a gift of 250 K€ on, the Patron’s name may be given to one or more Bioentrepreneurs classes.

Context & Objectives

Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for accelerating biomedical innovations. It transforms scientific discoveries into therapeutic solutions. In addition to scientific interdisciplinarity, there must be real “interprofessionalism” at the crossroads of biology, chemistry, physics, management, strategy, finance, and marketing. Imagine Bioentrepreneurs act as a springboard to entrepreneurship and value creation in the biomedical sector, as it accelerates the transition from discoveries to treatments for the benefit of patients.

Since 2016, the program has trained 30 bioentrepreneurs and has been involved in 13 biomedical innovation projects leading to the creation of 5 start-ups. The program aims to train 60 new bioentrepreneurs in 5 years and contribute to the creation of 15 start-ups.

Amount to fund
1,000 K€
Overall funding over 5 years

Over the next 5 years

/ For the recruitment the best Lecturers and Professors

/ For scholarships to selected students

/ For the management, coordination and logistics of the program