Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Genetic Diseases


Now available in more than 10 hospitals, Codoc makes medical data accessible in one click at the hospital. Doctors may intuitively access medical data, cross-reference results, and accelerate research, and therefore save valuable time for patients. This project was created by the Institut Imagine thanks to Innogrant funds.

Arthur Delapalme, co-Founder of Codoc

The Project

The “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Genetic Diseases” Program was created to help transform R&D projects into clinical applications for the benefit of patients. It is divided into 2 areas:

  • Train future entrepreneurs and support them in their projects
    In partnership with HEC Paris, École polytechnique, and Université Paris Cité, the Imagine Bioentrepreneurs program trains biomedical entrepreneurship based on interdisciplinarity and learning-by-doing teaching. It enables young entrepreneurs with complementary profiles – Engineers, Scientists, Managers – to work in teams on biomedical innovation projects proposed by Doctors or Researchers from the Institut Imagine or partner institutes. Since 2016, the program has trained 30 bioentrepreneurs, within 13 biomedical innovation projects leading to the creation of 5 start-ups. To support them in their projects, the Institut Imagine opens its Lab-in-labs scheme to entrepreneurs for on-site accommodation in the immediate vicinity of Researchers and Doctors.
  • Accelerating the emergence of disruptive innovations
    To generate the emergence of disruptive innovations, the Institut Imagine created the Springboard accelerator, intended to support projects ahead of the “proof of concept” phase. This brings them to a stage where a private partner – investor or industrial partner – may envisage creating a start-up. The Innogrant program is also an accelerator tool. It promotes the emergence of therapeutic or diagnostic innovation projects for the benefit of patients with genetic diseases. The disruptive innovations emerging from these cross-cutting projects may give rise to technology transfers, particularly in the context of start-ups created to that purpose.

Context & Objectives

The Institut Imagine aims to train 75 bioentrepreneurs and contribute to the creation of 15 new start-ups by 2026, in the fields of biotechnologies, medical technologies, and digital health.

The “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Genetic Diseases” Program ultimately offers innovative responses and treatments to families affected by genetic diseases more quickly.

Amount to fund
500 K€
Funding per year over 5 years

/ For the Institut Imagine student grants

/ For the acceleration projects via the Springboard and Innogrant programs

/ For the equipment intended for the Lab-in-labs start-up