Springboard, the Institut Imagine’s Accelerator


Dedicated to promoting research and discoveries, Springboard may offer real support to Researchers who want to approach the business world. The start-ups created by this program aim to develop innovative treatments, sources of hope for families affected by genetic diseases.

Laurence Legeai-Mallet, Director of the « Osteochondrodysplasia Molecular and Physiopathological Bases » laboratory

The Project

The Springboard accelerator funds projects ahead of the proof of concept phase to then bring them to a stage where a private partner – investor or industrial partner – may consider creating a start-up.

This mechanism, involves very high-level scientific and industrial experts as part of an international jury. It supports high added-value projects that they have selected up to the required stage of maturity (up to 500 K€) so that they may be taken on by private investors.

Several projects have already received the a level of support by Springboard. They involve areas as varied as the development of natural extracts in the treatment of the main form of dwarfism (achondroplasia) or 3D visualization of organs for surgical planning purposes.

These projects present a strong potential for innovation and value creation. They may lead to the creation of start-ups within 12 to 24 months, which will change the lives of patients and their families.

Context & Objectives

The Institut Imagine is the driving force behind a unique ecosystem in the field of genetic diseases, with more than 1,000 experts in research and treatment, 60 R&D partnerships underway with industry (there obviously were more since the creation of Institut Imagine), a portfolio of 52 patents, 15 licenses and 10 start-ups created, a training program in entrepreneurship (“Imagine Bioentrepreneurs”), and an on-site platform for start-ups and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Springboard’s objective is to accelerate the transformation of innovations into solutions for the benefit of patients, primarily through the creation of start-ups. Beyond the realization of research results in diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, Springboard creates jobs within the start-ups resulting from them and creates economic value reinvested in the research activities of the Institut Imagine. It is a worldwide pioneering initiative in the field of genetic diseases and in this respect, it is part of the Institut Imagine’s mission, which fights on a daily basis to push the limits of what was thought possible in terms of research, and to advance medicine.

Amount to fund
5,000 K€
Overall funding

Targeting authorized from a commitment of 100 K€ made over a maximum period of 3 years.

/ For the support of 10 projects
Over the next 5 years