International PhD Program


Today, I fully realize the high level of research conducted at Institut Imagine and the great asset it is for my career. Institut Imagine offers a stimulating environment for young researchers, with cutting-edge platforms close to laboratories, to conduct research at a level of excellence, in an environment that combines academics, clinicians, and entrepreneurs.

Julien Ettersperger, PhD, Head of the Biotherapy Division at Medicen

The Project

“International PhD Program”: a recruitment program aimed at attracting high-potential doctoral students who hold a full Master’s degree in research obtained outside France. 
This ambitious program was created in 2013 with the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.

The selected candidates, recruited for 3 years, or even 4, at a rate of 3 students per class, enter into one of the doctoral schools of the Université Paris Cité and join one of the Institut Imagine’s 28 research laboratories. Concretely, this means they benefit from the most modern facilities and a multidisciplinary, ultra-stimulating, and multicultural scientific environment, where more than 35 nationalities are represented. They are trained alongside the best geneticists in teams where doctors, scientific researchers, and medical researchers collaborate.

A thesis monitoring committee provides individual feedback, mentoring and personalized advice to each student.

In other words, we meet the best conditions for the most experienced students to join us, but also to express their talents, learn, and grow.

Context & Objectives

At Institut Imagine, people make the difference. Our teams, in which the PhD students play an integral role, are “the crux” of our fight against genetic diseases. The level of performance of our students is decisive: the development of their work and the acceleration of their discoveries in our laboratories contribute to the emergence of innovative treatments for children suffering from genetic diseases.

This sophisticated and attractive recruitment program aims to rally the best young talents to our cause, but also to pass on knowledge and a state of mind to them. Because at the Institut Imagine, research is not a targeted end in itself. Above all, we seek to treat patients, support their families, and make medical progress.

Today it is those students who, thanks the network of high-level alumni that they will form , will rise to the scientific challenges of tomorrow and enable Imagine to remain at the forefront of genetic research. A solid network of excellence, guaranteeing future international cooperations.

Amount to fund
87 K€
Per year, per student over 3 or 4 years
Related budget: scholarship, equipment, support (notably from the thesis director)

Over 5 years, the Institut Imagine wishes to offer 3 doctoral grants per year for a duration of 3 years, or even 4 years.

The grant program can take the name of the donor or the name chosen by the donor.

The donor is invited to participate as an observer, if he/she wishes, in the selection interviews, and to meet regularly with the students supported.