HSS project: Humanities and Social Sciences, societal impact


At the Institut Imagine, the unique density and diversity of actors on genetic diseases at the Necker-Enfants malades campus represents an exceptional crossroads of expertise and mobilization. When combined with treatment and research, such cross-fertilization can multiply the impact on patients’ lives.

Laure Boquet, co-Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences program at the Institut Imagine

The Project

The HSS program aims to encourage the development of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences research applied to genetic diseases.

The HSS program joins forces with sociological, psychological, legal, artistic, literary, linguistic, ethical, philosophical, medico-economic, and anthropological expertise. It aims to explore other pathways complementary to therapeutic and diagnostic pathways. This is done to improve the quality of life of patients, their siblings, and their families. Its goals are to impact, support, unite, challenge, and cultivate a critical eye.

It takes the form of a call for proposals, open to all the disciplinary fields of humanities and social sciences.These are subject to two conditions: the projects selected must bring together healthcare teams/research teams in humanities and social sciences/patient associations. Secondly, they must have a concrete and measurable impact on the patient, their entourage, their companion, or the training of the caregivers who care for them.

Sponsors are invited to participate in the selection of the winners and are informed of the implementation and results of the selected projects. Their names are expected to be mentioned in the communications and publications of the projects they have funded.

Context & Objectives

The Institut Imagine wishes to contribute towards the cross-fertilization of health and quality of life expertise to improve overall care, and provide new tools to the teams. By deciphering the individual, familial, and societal consequences of genetic diseases, the Institute contributes towards improving treatment and quality of life of patients with genetic diseases. The HSS project is one of many projects that strengthen and enrich our desire to allow patients to benefit from scientific excellence. Above all, it aims to help patients and their families in finding solutions with universal dimensions.

Amount to fund
2,000 K€
Overall funding over 5 years

/ 1,500 K€: For the recruitment and equipment acquisition

/ 500 K€ : For calls for projects