Data-Science-Center @Imagine


In five years, when a patient with a genetic disease arrives at a hospital, any clinician will be able to identify markers, enter the results into a machine, and verify if a treatment has already been tested. This will save patients valuable time and enable them to benefit from a treatment more quickly. With Data-Science-Center@Imagine, we will accelerate the fight against diagnostic odyssey and offer personalized therapeutic solutions.

Mickaël Ménager, Laboratory Director, in charge of developing emerging technologies, artificial intelligence in particular.

The Project

The idea of the Data-Science-Center @Imagine is to bring together in a new 700 square meter building all the human and technological expertise in data sciences, to accelerate scientific advances for the benefit of patients.

  • develop e-health tools.
  • develop new bioinformatics and AI tools to decipher genetic diseases.
  • continue the development of Dr Warehouse, a unique data warehouse currently containing 50 million data concerning 680,000 patients, already integrated into 11 hospitals.
  • accelerate sequencing capabilities (or “DNA reading”).
  • deploy a single-cell analysis platform, “the Single-Cell”, essential for the development of a personalized medicine accessible to all.

Context & Objectives

In order to use and analyze the huge amount of scientific information available better and faster, and cross-check it with the thousands of results produced each day, new means are required : data science equipment, teams dedicated to managing large numbers of data, bioinformatics analysis methodology, and artificial intelligence.  The objective of the Data-Science-Center @Imagine is to bring together all human and technological expertise in one place and give a new impetus to research on genetic diseases.

This center aims to make the Institut Imagine a leader in the field of science and accelerate research and treatment. It will also lead to new therapeutic approaches.

Amount to fund
5,000 K€
Overall funding

/ 3,000 K€ : For the construction of the building and the teams working environment

/ 2,000 K€ : For recruitments and equipment acquisition over 5 years

Note : The choice of the Institut Imagine led to the development of a 700 m² area on the campus of the Necker-Enfants malades Hospital. This building may take the Patron’s name.